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 DirectX® 10

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PostSubject: DirectX® 10   Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:45 am

Hello... guys DirectX 10 Released!!

Download DirectX 10 for windows XP is available now. This DirectX 10 for windows XP still in alpha stages and isn’t the original of DirectX 10 files from Microsoft. As Microsoft has announced that the DirectX 10 currently support to Windows Vista only.
However, Cody Brocious the Alky Project leader has released a full preview of DirectX 10 Alky preview compatibility libraries for Microsoft DirectX 10 enabled games. These compatibility libraries allow the use of DirectX 10 games on platforms other than Windows Vista , and increase hardware compatibility even on Vista, by compiling Geometry Shaders down to native machine code for execution where hardware isn’t capable of running it. No reason for gamer to change or upgrade the OS and video card(s) to play the latest games.
Here are some pictures sample to difference’s from DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 on images quality

DirectX 10 RC2 Fix 1 - a installer patch to increase the compatibility of new games and programs with Windows XP. And also corrects errors with the launch of games requiring files with DirectX 9.0 and earlier versions of it.
More information : DirectX 10 Vista vs DirectX 9 XP

Tutorial : How to install DirectX 10 RC 2 Pre Fix 3 on Windows XP

Time to Download : Click Here
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DirectX® 10
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